Concealer is one of the best beauty tools in the world.  You can hide your tiredness by disguising dark circles or conceal stubborn pimples that won’t go away.  It color corrects, brightens, and evens out your skin to give you the perfect foundation for a beautiful face of makeup.  With that being said, we should know what we’re doing wrong with our concealer to guarantee that we’re making the most out of our product! 

  1. Rubbing in your concealer with your finger.Chelsea Crockett - Naked Concealer  It may be gross to think about, but our fingers are covered in dirt, oil, and lots of bacteria.  Our fingers also don’t absorb any of our concealer like a beauty blender would which leaves it feeling caked on.  A beauty blender will blend it evenly and leave you without creases or streaks!
  2. Using the same concealer for all your blemishes, dark circles, etc.  Although this isn’t necessarily the wrong way of doing it, you can get much better coverage by using differently textured concealers.  For dark circles, try using a thicker concealer such as a cream based one.  As for pimples, try using a light, liquid concealer!  
  3. Applying your concealer first as your base.  Although you may be anxious to cover up those zits as soon as you wake up, you won’t get your best coverage by starting with concealer.  Apply your foundation first, then apply your concealer!

What mistake are you making?  Now you know what to change when it comes to applying concealer!

XO – Chels