Along with a stylish outfit and killer makeup, you’ll need some festive nails to complete your Valentine’s Day look!  Instead of getting your nails done for your special night, I found three different designs you can try out for yourself.  I think they’re fairly simply to do even if nails aren’t your thing!

  • If you like going all out, then the design on the right is for you! Chelsea Crockett - Love Nails I stumbled upon it on Pinterest and love it.  If you have a steady enough hand to attempt it, give it a try!  You might even be able to find nail stickers if you’re not artistic enough.  I’m in love with how festive and creative it is!   
  • If you like to keep it simple, I recommend painting your nails white to start off.  Then, add a black or red heart on your ring finger!  You can even add some glitter on top to make it pop.
  • I love using super thin nail polish brushes to decorate my nails.  It makes creating a design SO much easier!  Take one of these and paint the tip of an arrow on your middle finger.  Then finish it off by painting the end of the arrow on your ring finger to create the full arrow illusion!  Use either pink or red as the base and paint the arrow in white.  It’s so cute and outside the box!        

Which design are you going to rock this holiday?  Practice your artistic ability and give one of these a try!

XO – Chels