When we think of being healthy, we usually think of what we’re putting into our bodies. We think about our healthy diet or amount of exercise we do daily. Yes, our body is thanking us for doing both of these things, but what we put on our body should be of our concern as well! Organic makeup is healthy, skin-friendly, and lacking any toxic, unwanted ingredients!

  • Ecco Bella. Ecco Bella is one of the most organic makeup brands I’ve read up on. Not only do they lack gluten and all types of preservatives, but their products exclude dyes and even water as well!Chelsea Crockett - Ecco BellaChelsea Crockett - Ecco Bella
  • Pure & True. This brand frees their products from any artificial fragrances or coloring and many other unknowingly harmful ingredients. Their products are luxurious and made with natural materials from the earth.
  • Origins is one of the most natural-based brands there is. They’ve discovered the best natural ingredients and included them in their products. They even use 100% natural essential oils for the healthiest and best results!

I urge you to try an organic-based makeup brand. Although their prices may be high, your skin will thank you!

XO – Chelsea