Hey insiders!
I hope your day started off with many blessings!  I know our lives are filled with too many blessings to count.  Even when we are going through tough times, I try to think of everything I’m thankful for.  After all, if you can see, hear, feel, eat, sleep, drink, and breathe, then you already have seven things to thank God for.  So many people are suffering from illnesses or abuse of
many kinds.  Therefore, I try to find the good in all situations! Chelsea Crockett - Thankfulness
Sometimes I complain and focus on the negatives.  But if I take a step back, I realize there are too many things to be thankful for and that complaining isn’t a way to thank God at all.  Literally, the list is endless.  To start off  write down 20 things you are thankful for.  Throughout each week, continue to list off every blessing you find throughout the days.
An attitude of gratitude is what creates joy and peace.  Fault finding, complaining, and grumbling are not very appealing.  Don’t you want to surround yourself with thankfulness, peace, and joy?  Well, the good news is you can!  Thanksgiving, praise, and gratitude are so powerful.  Give it a try!  Spend some time focusing on everything good in your life.  You might be
surprised at what you will find!
XOXO, Chelsea