Dying your hair can be fun, but it can also be disastrous! It can be messy, turn out the wrong color, or look splotchy! There is a lot of debate whether or not getting your hair dyed at a salon is actually worth it. While it is definitely more expensive than doing it yourself, the results are far better than box dye. Find out why!Chelsea Crockett- salon dye

  • Dye takes the moisture out of your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Salon dye is better quality than box dye, which is healthier for your hair. You’ll notice less split ends and a silkier result with salon dye.
  • Stylists know how to fix a mistake! There are specific products used to fix a dye mishap. Professional stylists know how to fix the problem without worsening or damaging your hair.
  • Salons are equipped with the proper tools, including foil and applicators.
  • Many people don’t know that there are multiple steps if you want to go much lighter or much darker. Most of the time, a stylist has to strip the hair of its color before the desired color can be applied. If you go straight into using the box dye, the color may turn out entirely different!
  • When dying your hair at home you have to be very careful! Dye can ruin your clothes, towels, or furniture. It’s much more powerful than you think!  

Next time you want to change up your hair, stop by your nearest salon!