Some of you may have seen my YouTube video on this subject, but I just wanted to recap and summarize everything we went over in the video so you can look your absolute best while cheering on your home team!

The very first thing I do when getting ready is apply Neutrogena Shine Control Primer to my face. This keeps my skin from looking shiny, makes sure my makeup stays in place, and evens out the redness in my skin! Next I apply my Garnier BB cream and blend it into my skin. I am loving this BB cream because it matches my skin tone perfectly! Next I brush my Bare Minerals powder over my skin with my Royal brushes (which I am in love with, BTW!), and then apply my “Radiance” blush by MAC. After that I style my eyebrows using my Royal brushes again! Next I apply eyelid primer by “The Balm” and eye shadow by NYX called “Love In Florence”. To finish my makeup off, I add some liquid eyeliner and mascara by The Balm and some Nivea “A Kiss of Cherry” lip balm!

And now for the hair! I recommend wearing your hair up. It will keep you from getting too hot! First, I lightly mist my hair with dry shampoo and then brush my hair so the dry shampoo absorbs all of the excess oils. Then I take my hair and put it into a loose low pony, make a hole in the middle, and then tuck it through! If you don’t like how that looks, just keep tucking it so it turns into a twisted bun.

Now,finally, the outfit! In my video I am wearing the jacket I won at BeautyCon, but to your football game I recommend you wear a school shirt. Wear something with your school name, mascot, or a shirt from a school sport you played! Top the outfit off with a cute pair of jeans and some trendy tennis shoes. 



XOXO, Chels