Thinking about cutting your hair? Well, spring is the perfect time to do it!  With warm weather on its way, why not take off a few inches to lighten your load? 🙂 Here are the best hairstyles for the upcoming season based on the length and texture of your hair!  

  • For short hair, sharpness is everything this season.  Chelsea Crockett - Short BobThe picture on the right is the perfect example of a blunt, short bob that is a perfect go-to cut if you’re wanting a short style.  Although her hair is wavy in the picture, you can tell her ends are sharp and clean-cut.  This style looks good with wavy or straight hair, so almost anyone can rock it!
  • Ever heard of a lob?  For medium-length hair, try out a long bob!  Lobs are perfect for hair textures that aren’t the best with holding curls.  You don’t need pin straight hair or tight curls with this look.  Add in a little texture and let it do its job!  It works like magic.  
  • For long hair, layer up!  Layered, textured ends are super low maintenance and easy to take care of.  You won’t have to spend hours in the morning making sure your ends look okay!  If you layer your ends, you won’t have to overapply heat to make sure your hair looks perfect.  Just let it fall!

If you’re thinking about getting a haircut, I hope this helped you figure out the look you want!

XOXO – Chelsea