Going to sleep at night is our body’s time to relax. It’s our time to unwind, gain our energy back, and forget about the troubles of the world. It can also be a time to get our skin back to tip-top shape. With a few special ingredients that can be found right in your kitchen (awesome, right?!) you can transform your facial skin while you sleep. Keep on reading to find out how the magic happens!Chelsea Crockett- oat and honey mask

  • Hate waking up with dark bags under your eyes? Combine fresh lemon juice with a few drops of almond oil and apply it under your eyes. You’ll wake up looking like you’re ready to take on the day!
  • If your face gets super dry in the winter, then you will definitely want to try this! Equally mix together oats and honey to make a scrub/mask. Apply to your skin in a circular motion and rinse off in the morning. The dry skin should come right off!
  • Mix a spoonful of coconut oil with a few drops of tree tea oil to help remove acne blemishes and/or rashes. Apply where needed and rinse off in the morning!
  • Want fresh, glowing skin throughout the day? Make a tomato paste night mask! Cut up a tomato and mix with honey under a thick paste forms. Put a light layer on your face before you go to sleep and wash it off in the morning! Hint: if you have light sheets put a towel over your pillow.

Let’s all wake up feeling our best beautiful!