Let’s be real, aspirin is a life safer! Whether it’s cramps, a headache, a sunburn, etc., aspirin is the first thing I turn to, it’s magic! I’ve recently heard of yet another use for this medicine that isn’t just for feeling better on the inside but on the outside, too!

I found Chelsea Crockett - Aspirin Face Maskan aspirin face mask that helps reduce reddening, eliminates acne, and exfoliates your skin. It’s inexpensive, easy, and quick (what more could a girl want when it comes to a DIY recipe?). First, you’ll need a few ingredients: 4-6 uncoated aspirin pills, warm water, and a teaspoon of honey. Not bad right? Then crush up your pills in a small bowl and add in just enough warm water to make a paste. Then, you guessed it, add your little bit of honey to make it even thicker! Apply your mixture to your skin and let it sit until it hardens (or for about 10 minutes). Wash it off with a warm towel and there you have it! It’s as simple as that!

Now you can say good-bye to acne with just a few easy steps :).