Eyebrows can be tricky. Some girls are born with naturally gorgeous eyebrows that take no grooming or care. Others who aren’t so lucky have to constantly keep up with the shaping of their brows. Luckily, there is a homemade remedy to try right in your home!Chelsea Crockett - Eyebrow Waxing

Getting your eyebrows waxed at a hair or nail salon can often be expensive and risky. There’s a way to shape them at home just how you want them and without spending too much money. Take a trip to your local grocery store and buy honey, salt, and flour if you do not already have any at home. Then, take a small dish and mix your ingredients with water to make it runnier. When you wax your brows, you have to be extremely careful. Make sure you are very cautious as to where the wax is placed or may possibly drip. Then apply with a Q-tip or spoon. It is best to have your mom or friend do it for you while you are laying down to avoid the wax running into places you don’t want it. After that, place a small piece of a soft cloth onto the wax. Make sure you are very gentle when lightly pressing down! Then wait about 10 minutes and quickly rip off the cloth. Continue this method wherever you want the hair removed! The key is to take your time and be super careful.

Hopefully this helps next time you want to shape up your fierce eyebrows! Good luck!