Eye makeup is one of my favorite things to experiment with.  You can do so many different color combinations and looks!  Looking back at my old videos and pictures, I’ve definitely gotten better at knowing how to do my eye makeup the best way to compliment the rest of my makeup.  Here are some eye makeup do’s and don’ts that I wish I would’ve known when I first started wearing makeup!

  • DO blend your eye shadow. Chelsea Crockett - Eye Makeup This will make it look much more natural and a lot less choppy.  If you get the right brush, blending is super easy!
  • DON’T add too much highlighter to your face.  This is important especially if your eye makeup is dark.  You want to make sure your makeup is all balanced out! 
  • DO copy a look that you like.  If you see a celeb’s makeup that you love, it’s much easier to create a look on yourself when you have something to go off of.
  • DON’T go crazy on the eyeliner.  There are so many other ways to make your eyes pop.  You don’t have to rely heavily on your eyeliner to do so!  The occasional cat-eye is always good, but find other ways that accent and darken your eyes.
  • DO find the colors that compliment you.  If you’re blonde haired and blue eyed, it might not be the best idea to go with dark colors like black and grey.  Use soft browns and natural colors to make your eyes pop but not be too overboard!

I hope these help you master your eye makeup skills!

Xoxo – Chelsea