Hey insiders!

            Most shopping websites allow you to simply purchase your desired products online, and that’s that.  But littleblackdress.com is a new kind of online shopping, more fun and more creative, letting you shop and swap! 

            Chelsea Crockett - Little Black Bag WebsiteFirst off, you have to make your own account.  The site includes several of the hottest brands including BCBC Generation, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, and Guess.   After joining, the website will have you take a personal style quiz!  This will help the site direct you to products that they think you’d be most interested in.  Then you’re set!  You pick one item to add to your “little black bag” and the site picks two other items to add, as well.

            Second, you can pick over thousands of different people to swap items with.  If you find a bag or a pair of shoes you really like in someone else’s bag, you can offer one of your items to trade with theirs. 

            And finally, you can purchase your picked products with some up to 70% off of retail price!  Most items are at least 20-50% off, which to me is quite a steal.  If you’re in to online shopping, check out littleblackdress.com for a creative, new way to shop.  You won’t regret it!

                                                            Xo – Chelsea