There’s no magical pill you can take to make yourself look or feel younger…the secret is in vitamins!  Vitamins have been proven to make our skin and body look and feel better and can be found in many foods and in pill form.  Knowing which vitamin does what is very important and can help you better your body.  Check out the 5 best vitamins a woman needs to stay beautiful!Chelsea Crockett- vitamins for beauty

  1. Vitamin E: This vitamin helps reduce dryness and provide the skin with moisture. It can also protect skin from harm done by the sun and boost UV defense. This is especially important for people who are outdoors often.
  2. Vitamin D: Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D will improve your skin’s overall appearance and give it a nice healthy glow. (salmon, egg yolk, cheese)
  3. Vitamin C: If you’re looking for a de-stressor, then we’ve found the vitamin for you! When taken in large doses, it’s proven to boost your overall mood which relates back to your body’s overall look and feeling. (oranges, strawberries, broccoli)
  4. Biotin: By promoting healthy growth, biotin is the miracle vitamin for hair and nails!
  5. Vitamin A: This is the best age fighter! It helps clear up dark spots and wrinkles, and helps smooth out roughness.

Whether you take a complete multi-vitamin, only a few of the vitamins above, or snack on vitamin rich foods, remember you’ll be bettering your body and overall beauty!

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