Face masks can hydrate your skin, dry out your skin, clear up your skin, etc.  But are they really all they’re cracked up to be?  Some people swear by face masks and use them almost daily.  Others say that most are overrated and can be a total waste of money.  Here are some true and false myths that will help you decide for yourself!

Myth #1: Face masks are harmful to your skin.Chelsea Crockett - Face Mask  TRUE and FALSE!  Too much of anything can be bad for your skin.  This rule applies to face masks.  Although they can be super beneficial, don’t use one multiple times a day!

Myth #2: Face masks have little to no actual skincare benefits.  FALSE!  Most masks actually do benefit your skin.  They can help hydrate it, eliminate oils and dirt, or simply boost its radiance.

Myth #3: You can make your own DIY masks that are just as beneficial.  TRUE!  There are tons of different mask recipes on Pinterest that you can make right at home that are great for your skin!

Myth #4: Using a face mask every day is a good thing.  TRUE and FALSE!  Depending on the type of mask it is, it can either dry out your skin or moisturize it.  For example, if you’re using a clay mask every day, it could really start to dry out and damage your skin!

Are you an avid user of face masks?  If so, share with me below which ones you believe really do make a difference!

XO – Chelsea