College is a busy, busy time. You are exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning what it means to grow up and mature into an adult. College is also a time when your skin and hair routine, or whole beauty routine for that matter, may be put on the back burner because life is just crazy busy. Plus, you may embrace a more lazy approach to beauty and style during this time, which is totally cool, but it also can mean that you are sabotaging your hair. It is totally easy to let your haircare be put on the back burner, because during this time there are things way more important than your hair, but it is also important to keep your strands in mind. You don’t need to spend hours and lots of money to keep healthy hair in college, you just need to avoid the mistakes below.

  1. Wearing your hair up too much: It is easy to get in the habit of tossing your hair up into a ponytail or bun on busy mornings, but wearing your hair up every day can actually lead to hair loss and can damage your strands. I know it is tempting to just toss it up every day, but leave your hair down when you can, or wear it in a loose pony or braid.fullsizerender-63
  2. Styling wet hair: It is easy to get in a rush and want to brush and style your hair right after the shower, but brushing soaking hair does a ton of damage, so just pull it into a braid or bun and go.
  3. Not putting any effort into it: Don’t just ignore hair care. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars or lots of time, you just need to treat it nicely. Don’t ignore trims, they don’t take long and are essential to keeping your hair healthy. Make sure you aren’t relying on dry shampoo every day because it can dry your hair out and make it brittle. Also, another easy way to maintain your hair is to spritz in some leave-in conditioner after every shower to give your hair the moisture it needs.

I know college is a crazy busy time, and it can feel like you have no time at all for hair care, but by keeping these tips in mind you can be saving your strands a world of hurt!

XOXO, Chels