Everyone knows that a facial mask every once in while is great for your skin! It’s an easy way to deep clean, minimize pores, and get rid of dry skin! Our feet, like our face, need the same kind of treatment! Unlike our facial skin, our feet get the rough end of the deal. Between walking barefoot, exercising, and wearing heels, it’s no wonder our feet can start looking a little under the weather. It’s time for a quick pick-me-up with foot masks!Chelsea Crockett- foot mask

You’re probably wondering what a foot mask is. Here’s how it works: first you slip on a pair of plastic socks (pretty funny looking). Next, you pour a liquid solution into each “sock” making sure all dry patches are fully submerged! Then, tie off each “sock” and let your feet soak for a little. As time goes on the solution will begin to get under the dry skin. Once you’ve let your feet soak for a decent about of time (10-15min), rinse your feet off under warm water and watch the magic happen! Your skin will begin shedding right in front of your eyes. Yes, it sounds gross, but the results are baby-soft skin!

There are multiple brands that make these masks, so look up one that sounds appealing to you and try it out! Comment below how you keep your feet soft and smooth, especially in the summer!