Hello Girls!

            Wavy hair is my go-to hair.  It’s so effortless and great when you don’t feel like doing your hair.  Unfortunately, some of us are born with pin-straight hair or you have such thick hair it takes hours to curl.  I’ll show you a few easy ways to get beautiful waves without using a curling iron. Chelsea Crockett- braided waves

            If you have thick, long hair, sleep in a long French braid at night.  When you wake up in the morning, take the braids out, and run your fingers through your hair.  You’ll have pretty waves in a flash!  If you have thin or short hair, I wouldn’t recommend this.  Your hair will look kinked and your ends won’t lay flat. 

            For those of you with thin or short hair, twist or braid small sections of your hair and run a straightener over it a few times.  This will create very soft waves.  Make sure to apply a small amount of hair spray so your waves don’t go flat.  If you have curling moose, layer it throughout your hair to keep the curls in place.  My favorite is Marc Anthony Strictly Curls foam or Curl Envy.  Love your hair and love your curls!


Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Foam- http://tiny.cc/CurlingFoam

Marc Anthony Curl Envy- http://tiny.cc/CurlEnvy