I hate when I spend half an hour doing my makeup only to be disappointed with how it turns out.  Whenever this happens, it’s usually because my face looks too dark or too dull.  I found a guide on Pinterest that helps me take any dull look and transform it into a bright, glowing face of makeup!

  • Inner corners of eyeChelsea Crockett - Bright Makeups.  Making your eyes brighter is the key to making your entire face appear brighter.  Lightening around your eyes, especially around the inner corners, will not only make your eyes pop but make you look more radiant than before!
  • On top of cheekbones.  You have to make sure you lighten your cheekbones because they cover such a huge area of your face.  Use a light highlighter that will make your cheekbones pop but leave you with that natural look, as well.
  • On top of nose.  Since your nose is the most central part of your face, you can’t forget about brightening that area, too.  Take your highlighter and apply it lightly to the bridge and tip of your nose to give it a little pop! 
  • Center of lips.  You may not have heard of this before, but adding a little white shimmer to the center of your lips can make them appear bigger and obviously brighter!  Try it out for yourself!

Try out these steps and let me know if your makeup look does a total 180 like mine does after following this guide! 🙂

XO – Chels