Hello Lovelies,

            Dealing with clothes you don’t like anymore or ones that don’t fit can be a hassle.  You feel bad not wearing them and they take up room in your closet.  Sometimes, old clothes can just keep piling up!  Luckily, there are many things you can do with clothing you don’t want anymore!

  • Cut it up!  If you have a shirt that you still like, but is a little too tight, try altering it yourself.  Cut the sleeves so it is a tank top and make the neck a v-neck.  This will automatically make the top looser.  If it is a little tight in the waist either try making a small slit at the bottom of each side at the seam or wash the shirt and stretch it out yourself.  Don’t dry it!
  • If you feel like making a little money, take your clothes to a resell-it shop.  Although you won’t make a lot of money off your old clothes, it’s better than letting them sit in your closet.  Make a small profit instead of letting them go to waste!
  • Donate!!!  Donating your clothing to organizations like the Salvation Army or to a family in need is such a great feeling.  If you don’t need the clothes anymore, then give them to someone who does! Chelsea Crockett- donating clothes

                 Don’t let old clothes go to waste at the bottom of your closet.  There are plenty of other options!  Start today and clean up your wardrobe!