Hi Girls,

            Perfecting your eye liner can be a tricky task!  Between choosing the type of eye liner, the right color, and the right thickness, getting your eye liner right the first time is tough.  One of my favorite eye liner looks is a winged look.  It’s an old school look with a 50’s flare that can be dressed up or down.  It really makes your eyes and eyelashes pop!  I will give you the step by step to creating the most beautiful winged eye liner look.Chelsea Crockett- NYX The Curve

            Using a gel or liquid liner is the easiest to use, because it glides on smooth.  You’ll want to start with a fresh palette, so make sure there’s no makeup on your eyes!  Start by drawing your eye liner line from the outside in.  Begin at the end of your eyebrow, slowing moving towards the inner corners of your eye.  The end of your eyebrow is a good indication on how far out the “wing” should be.  Draw over this line multiple times until you get the thickness the way you like!  You can even draw over the wing part a few extra times for a more dramatic look.  Keep checking both eyes to make sure they are even.  Now, add you’re bottom eyeliner and eye shadow and you’re good to go!  I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do!



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