When it comes to dressing up nice, my shoes are usually my favorite part of my outfit to pick out, especially when I’m wearing a fun pair of heels or wedges!  Although I love rocking a simple pair of heels when I can, most of my pairs are pretty boring.  I found 3 different DIY ways you can give your heels a stylish makeover! 🙂Chelsea Crockett - Ribbon Heels

  • Use pretty ribbon that you can wrap around your ankle.  Depending on the color of your heels, pick a color that compliments them.  I suggest even using the same color ribbon as your heels to make it look more professionally done, instead of mix-match.  Since it’s hard to explain without showing you an example, you can go off the picture on the right.  Simply wrap it once around your heel, then around your ankle, and finish it off with a bow!
  • Glue on glitter on the bottom part of your heels.  Use a superglue paste to apply to the underneath of your heels and sprinkle on glitter until they’re completely covered.  Let them dry and then show em’ off!  Chelsea Crockett - Jewel Heels
  • As for thicker heels, superglue on various jewels and beads like the picture on the left.  If you purchase a super strong glue to assure that the jewels will stay put, then you shouldn’t have to worry about them falling off!  I suggest using different colors and shapes while still complimenting the original pair of heels. 

Which DIY is your favorite?  Let me know below which one you are going to try out for yourself!

XO – Chelsea