Winter break is the most awaited time of the semester. After all the tests, homework assignments, and pop quizzes, nothing is needed more than a nice, long break. Although our days off are spent shopping for last minute Christmas gifts and baking sugar cookies, some are filled with long afternoons of boredom. So… here are a few winter-themed “do it yourself” ideas for those dreadful days!

If your friends are in the same boring boat as you, invite them over and have a mini spa day! There are soooo many DIY products that are super fun to make, especially if you incorporate Christmas scents such as peppermint or cinnamon. Recipes for do it yourself lip scrubs or face masks can be found all over Pinterest! How relaxing :)!

If you have a couple old Christmas sweaters laying around your house, this DIY is just what you’re looking for! Instead of letting your worn-out sweater sit and collect dust in your closet, change it into a couple different accessories! If the sleeves are big enough, cut them off and make them into leg warmers! These are definitely back in style, look to the left for example. You can also make it into an infinity scarf! There are many ways to go about this, so find your own way whether it’s using the neck hole or the ends of your sweater.Chelsea Crockett - DIY Leg Warmers

Showing off your art skills is another way to occupy spare time. Buy a canvas and some paints, possibly colors to match your room (or even Christmas colors!). This DIY is open to lots of interpretation. I saw on Pinterest that someone painted their canvas green and red to make a Christmas decoration for their room!

What do you plan on doing over break? Tell me below :)!