When you outgrow your clothes, or simply get tired of them, there’s plenty of DIY options to give them another use!  Whether it be turning your old t-shirts into a quilt or an old sweater into a scarf, giving them new life is always a fun and creative craft to do when you have the time!  Here are 3 recycle DIYs for your old clothes and accessories. 🙂Chelsea Crockett - DIY Jeans

  • If you have an old pair of jeans that you don’t wear anymore, give them a makeover!  Styles of jeans change so often, so if you have a pair that are out of style, why not trim them up like the picture on the right?  All you have to do is take some chalk to mark the scallops in the right place (you can even use a small Dixie cup to get the right curves).  Then, make the cut!
  • If you have a plain old colored shirt or tank, try out reverse tie dye!  If you know how to tie die, it’s basically using bleach instead of colored dye.  Look up different styles you can make with where you put the rubber bands and go to town! 
  • Maxi skirts have gone in and out of style over the past few years.  If you have one that you never wear anymore, you can cut it up to make it into a sundress or a swimsuit cover-up.  Depending on the material, try it out for yourself!

Have you ever tried one of these before?  Let me know below how yours turns out!