The rustic theme and aesthetic has become a popular trend when it comes to decorating. Items and décor that give off an antique feel are popping up in almost every home or décor store. If you’re not into the whole rustic theme, you can make this DIY sleeker and more fashionable, whatever you prefer!

First off, you’ll need to find a spot in your room that gives you enough space to put your rack. Second, you’ll need to pick out your rack! Chelsea Crockett - Clothing RackThere are plenty to choose from based on color, texture, etc. Some you can even buy with the “worn” look that gives it more of an antique feel. Although most of your bedrooms probably have closets, you can make your own rack for decoration! You can even choose what type of clothing you’ll hang on it. The example on the left uses it for jackets and coats… whatever you want to do!

Another fun part of creating the “look” for your rack is what type of hangers you use. I would prefer matching my hangers with the theme or colors of my room. Your rack will look much more put together when you make it look like a piece of your room. I suggest storing your shoes or purses under the rack where there’s extra room. It keeps your clothing organized and makes your room cuter, too :)!

Let me know how you design yours!

XOXO – Chels