Decorating my room is something I love to do.  Since it’s my own space, I ultimately get to decide what hangs on the walls or goes on my dresser.  With fall in full swing, the decorations are as well!  Since DIYs are one of my favorite pastimes, adding a festive touch makes for the perfect DIY room décor!

  • During fall, you can never have too many pumpkins.  Chelsea Crockett - Pumpkin DecorSeveral stores sell mini pumpkins that are easy to decorate and store in your room!  Buy some paint, glitter, etc. to match your room and make your pumpkin into the perfect decoration.
  • Make your own pumpkin spice candle!  You might be thinking what?  You can do that?  There are tons of recipes online to create your own fall scented candle. You can burn it and fill your room with the sweet smell of pumpkin spice!
  • I’ve always loved decking out my room with twinkle lights to make it warm and cozy.  To get a little more festive, purchase orange or yellow-tinted twinkle lights to hang around your room.  Along with your other fall decorations, these will finish off the job and create the perfect autumn atmosphere!

Whether you’re adding décor to your dorm at school or bedroom at home, I hope you create the perfect festive touch for the season!

Love, Chelsea