Fall weather, tailgates, game day outfits… Football season is finally in full swing!  One of my favorite things about game days is all the different outfits that girls come up with. Recently, I’ve seen so many different DIY shirts that are super cute and so easy to make!  Here are two different DIY game day shirts!

  • Tube-Top T-Shirt. First, cut vertically along the side of the shirt so the sleeves are cut off.  After making these cuts, you should have just two rectangles of material.  Turn the rectangles inside out and sew them together along the vertical sides.  Put on the shirt and gather any excess fabric along the sides to make it tighter.  You’re then going to resew along the vertical lines to create your desired fit.  Sewing it together the first time will help you keep your rectangles aligned.  Then, finish your top by cutting off any excess material on the sides!Chelsea Crockett - DIY College Shirt
  • High-neck Tank Top T-Shirt.  This DIY is pretty easy.  Pick out a shirt that you don’t mind cutting up a bit.  Like the picture on the right, cut the bottom off of the shirt as high as you would like, possibly as a high-low shirt or a crop-top!  Then for the next part, I suggest drawing two lines before you cut the sleeves to make sure they’re even.  Then make the cuts and you’re good to go!  (P.S. Don’t clip the collar!)

Which style are you going to try and make?  If you have two shirts, you might as well try both! 🙂

Xoxo – Chelsea