I love doing my makeup…until it comes time to clean my makeup brushes. It can take forever and is a pretty messy process. I recently saw a tool that makes brush cleaning super easy, and it is the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat. It has a textured surface that gets brushes super clean and makes them look brand new! The only problem with the mat? It is pricey. So, I went on YouTube and learned how to make my very own makeup brush cleaning mat for $5. Here is how!

What you will need:

  • Plastic clipboardbustle (2)
  • Glue gun

Head to the dollar store and pick up a plastic clipboard. The next step is to draw different textures onto the board with hot glue. Once your glue gun is warmed up and ready, draw some short straight lines down the center of the board with the glue. Next, draw on some zig zags. The goal is to create as many different shapes as possible to help clean every nook and cranny of your brushes. Next add small dots. Then add larger dots. The larger dots will be ideal for your larger and dirtier brushes. Once you have added your larger dots, cover the rest of the mat with different patterns so there is no empty space. Once the board is dry, it is time to try it out! Coat your dirty brushes with brush cleaning gel or shampoo and then rub them in circular motions against the mat. You should be seeing makeup streaming from the brushes. After you are done, just clip the handles of your brushes under the top of the clip board and leave them to dry for an hour or two.

Voila! Your brushes are as good as new, and you got to create a fun DIY to do the trick! Once your board starts to get grubby and dirty, you can simply throw it away and make a new one.

XOXO, Chels

Tutorial and images via Bustle.com