I love being creative, especially when doing fun DIYs! And with school starting, you might be going off to college and hauling all of your décor to your dorm. Whatever the case, you have a few weeks of summer left to do a couple artsy room DIYs!

I think one of the cutest room decorations I see all over Pinterest and Tumblr is a large map to put on your wall. Chelsea Crockett - DIY MapWell… there are more creative ways to do so, and I want to help you out! Your first option is one like the picture on the right. Buy a big canvas, whatever size fits your room/dorm, and print out paper templates of each continent. Make sure they’re proportionate to each other! Take double sided tape and tape down each template very, very lightly so you can easily pull them off after you’re down without leaving tape marks. After taping, use canvas paint and splatter it wherever you want! Wait till the paint dries, then peel off each template. You can have fun with different colors that’ll match your room!

The other option is a map like the featured image above. You’ll need white tacks and tons of white string! You’ll have to buy a large canvas and paint it black. Wait till it dries, then put your white tacks periodically to make the shapes of each continent. Take your string and start on one continent at a time. Wrap it around the tacks in different orders to make it like the picture above! You can add a verse or quote if you want, too :)!

Have fun! – Chelsea