I love getting crafty for fall especially with tons of different seasonal DIYs! Although there’re so many to choose from, I want to share with you one that’s quick, easy, and perfect to decorate your room with!

When I was younger we used to carve a jack-o’-lantern faces on ourChelsea Crockett - Pumpkin DIY pumpkins, add a tea light, and set them out for trick-or-treaters to admire.  Now that I’m older, I discovered an even better way to carve my pumpkin.  I found this idea on Pinterest and it’s so cute!  First, you’ll have to pick out the perfect pumpkin!  Next, cut out the bottom of the pumpkin, and clean out all of the seeds and insides. Then, take a drill with different size bits and drill holes all around the pumpkin. You can make designs with horizontal or vertical lines or even spell out a word!

After you’ve completed drilling the holes in your pumpkin, add a tea light to the bottom of it and the light will shine right through! It’s fun to create a few different sized pumpkins and make the design different on each one (like the picture on the right). When they’re lit up next to each other, they look adorable!

XOXO – Chelsea