One of the reasons I am totally pumped to go to college is the fact that I can decorate my dorm. Pinterest is full of adorable pictures of dolled-up dorm rooms, and I totally cannot wait to do that to mine! In the meantime, I can recommend dorm décor to my college ladies out there. Here are a few simple ways to bring Halloween with you to your dorm room! All of your neighbors are going to be so jealous of your sweet décor.

  1. Monster door: Have some spare construction paper laying around? If not, go to Walmart, grab a pack, and create a monster on your door! Cover the whole door with black paper, then make a small red section. Cut out white triangles for the fangs and orange ovals for squinty eyes and you’re set!  dorm
  2. Melty crayon pumpkins: I had this DIY on my website a while ago, but here is a refresher! If you aren’t too keen on carving pumpkins or you want to switch things up, try this super unique spin on pumpkin decorating!  It’s really easy to do, and only requires a large white fake pumpkin, some hot glue, 16-20 crayons, a hair dryer, and some newspapers to cover your workspace. HERE are the instructions!dorm 1
  3. Glowing eyes: I am willing to guess that you have some cardboard toilet paper rolls laying around your dorm bathroom. Take a few of them and cut out different eye shapes in them. Grab some glow sticks, duct tape them inside the rolls, then place them around your room! Creepy AND creative.

All of your friends are going to want to hang around your room because it is the most spook-tacular! 😉

XOXO, Chels