Most of us don’t like to admit it, but the majority of us are professional procrastinators.  Whether it be homework, chores, or a lot of other things, I always push dreadful tasks off until I’m forced to do them!  As far as Christmas shopping goes, I can be the same way.  I came up with a few last-minute DIY Christmas gifts that may come in handy!

  • I always use crafty picture DIYs to my advantage. Chelsea Crockett - DIY Choker There are so many different things you can come up with or even take from Pinterest!  Whether it be decorating a picture frame or making a picture wall art, if you’re crafty you should definitely give it a try! 
  • Put together a gift card wallet.  You could either buy a pricier wallet and fill it with a few $5 gift cards to their favorite places or buy a cheaper wallet and fill it with $10 or $15 gift cards!
  • FOOD!  Who said you can’t give food as a gift?  You may want to pair it with a little something, but baking up a holiday treat or two or even buying something from a cute cupcake shop would be totally fine in my book :)!
  • DIY jewelry may sound hard to make, but it’s actually pretty simple!  There are tons of different ways to make homemade chokers, bracelets, etc. like the ones on the right!
  • If the person you’re gift shopping for is a makeup fan, put together a small makeup bag filled with different drugstore products!  Pick their favs that you know they’ll love!

If you’re making your own DIY gift this year, share it with me in the comments below!

Love, Chels