Dressing up for Halloween never gets old.  Whether you’re 5 or 25, everyone finds a little bit of enjoyment in finding the perfect costume!  Although there’s nothing wrong with dressing up solo, getting your friends together to pull off an awesome group costume makes the night even more memorable!

  • If you need something super quick and simple, emoji t-shirts are the answer!  All you need to do is purchase plain yellow t-shirts from Walmart, Target, etc.  Pick your fave emoji and create the face on your shirt using whatever color felt material you need.  Simply cut out the shapes and hot glue each piece of felt onto your shirt!Chelsea Crockett - Emoji Costumes
  • If you have a big enough group, be the seven dwarves from Snow White!  All you need are different colored long-sleeved shirts (colors that the dwarves wear), beanies, felt (black, yellow, and white), laced boots, and high white socks.  For the white felt, cut letters and hot glue them to the shirt to spell out whoever you are, whether it be Happy or Sleepy!  With the black felt, make a belt with a square yellow buckle on the front.  After you do this, you’re set!
  • Basing costumes off you and your friend’s favorite movie is easy and such a fun idea!  There are so many movies to pull costume ideas from such as Disney movies, Mean Girls, etc.  Pick the easiest and best one to go off of and go from there!

Let me know below what you and your friends are being for Halloween!  You never know, I may need some help myself!

Happy Halloween! – Chelsea