Hi Lovelies,

            So I’m sure that many of you have school uniforms, especially if you go to a private school.  Even public schools have restrictions on what you can wear.  Sometimes it can be hard to show your individuality and express yourself through your fashion and style in a school setting.  I’ll give you a quick guide to bring your own style to school, without breaking dress code.

  • Have fun school accessories!  A fun backpack is a stylish way to carry your books.  Pick up a fun colored or printed backpack, like cheetah and carry your books in style!  It’ll also add a pop of color to even the dullest outfit.
  • Throw on an awesome pair of shoes!  Sandals and boots are my favorite shoes around.  They come in every style and color and some are even “blinged” out.  Everyone will be impressed with your new kicks!
  • Bling yourself out!  Don’t be afraid to throw on a pretty necklace and some crazy earrings to dress up your dull school uniform.  You canChelsea Crockett- backpack never go wrong with jewelry!

Throwing on a scarf can add a pop of color too!

I hope this little guide will help you bring your own individual style to a school uniform.  Remember, don’t break school code, but have fun with your style!



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