If you live in or have ever visited the east coast, then you know what the nautical look is!  Cape Cod, famous for its nautical atmosphere, is buzzing with this style!  Sailor shorts, stripes, anchors, and colors of the sea are all part of the look!  Even if you don’t live in that part of the country, that’s okay!  Check out how you can bring the nautical style to your closet!Chelsea Crockett- nautical looks

The stripe is the first and foremost most important part of going nautical.  Whether it’s a striped dress, shirt, or shorts, this pattern must be incorporated into your outfit.  One of my favorite ways to wear stripes is to pair a navy striped shirt with white or red shorts.  These colors scream nautical and it’s the simplest way to obtain the look!  If you want to try something bolder, grab a pair of sailor shorts and pair it with an open button up or striped tee.  Looking effortless is what it’s all about!

An open scarf and fedora hat are also key pieces.  Try a pair of white skinny jeans paired with a red, navy, or yellow top.  Complete the look by throwing on a fedora and a scarf draped around your neck.  Keep the colors neutral or, once again, try stripes.

The nautical look, with a few key pieces, is easy to obtain!  Shock all of your friends this summer with an effortless, nautical ensemble!