Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes… And not to forgot styles and designs!  I love the outdoors and basically anything that has to do with nature. I’ve found some brands and accessories that have a nature vibe to them for the outdoor lovers!

As I’ve written an article on them before, Alex and Ani has tons of bangle bracelets that represent almost anything including adventure, nature, life, etc.  They have bracelets with the tree of life, certain animals and their tracks, Chelsea Crockett - Change of Scenery Necklaceadventure themed symbols, and many others.  They’re so cute and you can pick from a large variety!

If you love the mountains, I found the perfect necklace on Pinterest for you! It’s called the Change of Scenery Necklace and can be found on The picture on the left is a little preview for you! I’m in love with it and it’s only $15! The reviews and ratings on it are great saying that the quality is awesome for its price. For $15, why not treat yourself?

Lastly, Etsy also has a variety of nature-oriented products. I found a set of necklaces in particular that have a cool concept to them! They each have a stone with a charm hanging off of it. The charms can be seashells, starfish, doves, etc. I think they’re so cute and simple. Click here to check them out!

Love, Chels