New Year’s Eve is hands down the most fun night of the year!  Whether you party it up with your friends or kick it with your family, it’s always fun to ring in the new year.  Despite the festivities, you’ll need a fashionable outfit to kick off 2017!  Here are some things you need to know about the hottest NYE trends!

  • Go gold.  Gold and silver are two colors that come to mind when I think of NYE.  This year, gold is the color to rock! Chelsea Crockett - Velvet Shirt
  • Velvet.  Velvet is one of the cutest (and comfiest) trends this year.  Velvet shirts, velvet dresses, velvet jackets, velvet everything!  The picture on the right is both stylish and casual for the night.  You can dress it up or dress it down!
  • Glitter strobing/highlight.  If you’ve never heard of glitter strobing, it’s fun to try out for New Year’s Eve!  If you look online, you can find out how to do it yourself.  Why not add a little extra bling to celebrate the night?
  • All black everything.  All black everything is a timeless look that anyone can pull off!  Once again, this is a look you can dress up or dress down according to what you have planned!
  • Metallic.  New Year’s Eve has no limitations when it comes to your outfit.  Rock a pair of metallic pants or a metallic jacket!

Which trend are you going to rock this year?  Let me know below!

XOXO – Chelsea