Chelsea Crockett - Maroon and White OutfitFootball is in full swing at our high school and between the loud cheers and touchdowns, we all want to be looking super cute for the games!  Of course, it’s fun to wear school t-shirts or sweatshirts… but why not have a little fun and dress up a bit? I have to let you in on a little secret! Whenever I’m struggling to decide what to wear, I search Pinterest!  Here’s the catch: If your school colors are maroon and white, go onto Pinterest and search “maroon casual outfit.” Or if your school colors are gold and blue, then search “gold and blue casual outfit.” For something as simple as that, it’s amazing what you will find!

Recently, I searched my school colors and found everything from colored patterned scarves to stylish colored jeans and sweaters.  The outfits are fashionable and trendy, but not too over-the-top. Remember, it is just a football game!  They help me to reinvent some old clothes that I might have in my closet as well.  Sometimes my friends and I get together and switch out our clothes. It’s fun to borrow, share, and design new looks together with the help of Pinterest.  With all of that said, let me know how you use Pinterest to help style your look!