Hey everyone!  Because they’re cool, stylish, and easy to throw on, sandals are my favorite shoes for the summer.  You can wear them to the beach or out to a nice dinner.  With their interchangeable patterns and styles, you can be sure to find a pair to match any outfit.

           Chelsea Crockett - Sandals One of my favorite type of sandal is the T-strap.  Whether you have on a sundress or shorts, you can throw on a pair to complete your look!  T-strap sandals have an enormous variety of styles from sparkles and rhinestones to a simple plain color.

            If you’re going out for the night or to a special occasion, buy a fun pair of sandal heels or wedges.  These will be sure to catch people’s attention and turn their heads.  If your feet get sore easily, throw an extra pair of flats in your bag just in caseWink.

            And of course you can’t forget the flip flops.  I wear flip flops almost everywhere throughout the summer.  They’re super comfortable and casual.  They are perfect for the pool or just running errands!

            There are still so many more types of sandals to try out this summer.   Enjoy!


Here are a few links to find these trendy sandals:http://tiny.cc/TstrapSandals, http://tiny.cc/SummerFlipFlops