Chelsea Crockett - Tank TopHey girlies!  Rocking your own style is one of the best things about fashion.  You can mix and match until you find a perfect look that fits you.  One of my favorite things I’ve discovered is how to use an ordinary piece of clothing and make it your own.  The easiest way to do so is with an everyday tank top or t-shirt.

A new trend I see almost every where is high waisted shorts.  Tucking your tank into these is super casual, cute, and quick!  If you have a looser shirt and don’t think it will look good tucked in, leave it out and gather it together in the front.  After that, make a small tie on either the right or left side of your shirt.  This still shows off your shorts and gives your look a more creative feel.  Another way to wear your tank is simply letting it hang straight down.  If you’re just lounging around or watching a movie with friends, this keeps it comfy and casual.  You also don’t have to worry about constantly keeping it tucked in.  These three styles are easy to do and will look great wherever you are this summer!

Love, Chels