Whether it’s your first prom or your third, it never gets any less exciting!  I know I’m not the only one who loves shopping for the perfect prom dress.  Figuring out the right style, color, and all around look that I’m searching for can be tough, but once I find the right one, it’s worth it!  If you need a place to start, here are some pointers on which color dress would look best on you!

Chelsea Crockett - Prom DressIf you have dark skin, any pastel or bright shade will most likely look good!  Try colors on the warmer end of the spectrum such as pinks, yellows, purples, etc.  These will bring out the warmness in your skin tone and highlight your skin’s glow. 

If you have tan/olive skin, focus on complimenting your undertones.  Olive skinned girls are lucky because almost any color will look good!  I suggest a deep green or red, maybe even a burgundy shade like the dress on the left.  Especially if you have dark hair, try one of these colors!  If you want to really highlight your skin tone, try a bright pink that will make you look extra tan!

For the fair skinned ladies out there, pay attention to the undertone of your skin, whether it’s warmer or cooler toned.  If you have naturally rosy cheeks and a warmer skin tone, try earthy shades.  These will look beautiful on you!  If you have cooler undertones, look into purples, pinks, and blues!

I hope this narrows down your search options so finding the perfect prom dress can be a little easier!

XO – Chelsea