A beautiful, bold, or subtle color is an obvious part of any wardrobe.  Whether you’re wearing a hot pink dress, black blazer, or jean shorts and a neutral tee, the colors you wear say a lot about your personality.  Next time you take a look at your outfit or closet, check out which color you own the most of!

  • Black: If you find yourself wearing a lot of black, you’re probably a strong, powerful woman.  Black is a fierce color, which is perfect for a job interview or a presentation day at school!
  • Brown:  This is a very down-to-earth color, which exerts a chill mood.  Try wearing brown for a casual day to the park or a day lying around the house.
  • Purple/Blue/Green:  Deep bold colors like royal blue, emerald green, and purple show intelligence and creativity.  Incorporating these colors in an outfit show a fun side to any personality through a pop of color. 
  • Yellow/Pink:  Those who wear yellow and pink have a fun side to them!  Yellow and pink are bright, bubbly colors which are perfect for anyone who is upbeat.  Try wearing these colors more during this spring season.
  • Red:  This is one of the most ambitious colors out there.  Red shows power and energy.  Most people who wear red are goal-oriented, courageous, Chelsea Crockett- red dressand aren’t afraid to stand out!  You can’t be shy if you’re wearing red!

Colors are so powerful and tell a lot about a person!  If you’re bored of your wardrobe, try adding color and flaunt it!