Christmas is the best holiday of the year.  Not only do you get to experience good food and good company, but you get to dress up in your most stylish holiday attire!  I always have trouble finding Chelsea Crockett - Christmas Outfitthe perfect outfit to wear for all the family get-togethers and fun festivities that come along with the day.  Depending on what you have lined up, you’ll either need a casual outfit, a formal outfit, or maybe even both!  Here are a few ideas to get the holiday fashion flowing!

Casual: The outfit on the left is one of my favorite looks this year.  Poncho coats and cardigans like the one on the left are super “in” this year.  Don’t be shy to rock a mix of red and green!  Plaid is also the perfect pattern that isn’t too over-the-top.  Pair this look with some gold accessories, a pair of heeled booties, and a maroon lip!   

Formal:  First, pick what colors are appropriate for the occasion.  I would suggest reds, greens, maroon, tan, neutral colors, etc.  Keep it Christmas-oriented!  Long-sleeved high-neck shirts like the one in the featured image above are perfect to pair with a suede skirt and heels!  If you want to wear a dress, velvet is super popular this season.  Pair it with a clutch and a cute pair of boots or heels!

Which look are you going to try out this Christmas?  Share with me below! 🙂

Merry Christmas! – Chelsea