With winter approaching, it’ll be that time of year for winter dances, balls, formals, and much more! You’ll need all of your stylish dance attire including a dress, shoes, and not to forget accessories. There are certain trends in style right now that will surely make you best dressed at your event! 🙂

First comes first, your dress.  It’s good to stick to winter colors instead of bright, summer colors or patterns.  Neutral colors such as black, cream, and silver are all good choices! Chelsea Crockett - Black Dress If you like a little color, maroon, dark reds, greens, and blues are winter appropriate and super popular for the season.  As far as style, I love simple dresses that are timeless.  The picture on the left is a good example of this!  I also suggest finding a dress with sleeves.  Wearing a jacket with a sleeveless dress can sometimes be a pain.  Sleeves are a good substitute that permit to the weather!  Another cute style is off-the-shoulder.  You can still find sleeved off-the-shoulder dresses that are good for the cold weather.  As far as shoes go, heeled booties are both formal and weather appropriate!

Windsor is one of my favorite places to dress shop.  They have so many dresses like the ones I described above!  Other good places to look are Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and Forever 21.  I suggest shopping in stores instead of online to guarantee the perfect fit!

Which look will you be rocking for your winter dance?  Let me know in the comments below!