Like I’ve said a million times before, fall is a wonderful time of year.  The changing colors of the leaves and the crisp temperatures make me yearn for the holidays and the recipes that go with them. Pumpkin spice is one of my fall favorites.  Any foods or drinks come in mind :)? Pumpkins are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  They are one of nature’s richest sources of vitamin A which promotes healthy vision and immunities for good health. Here are a few pumpkin spice recipes!

Chelsea Crockett - Pumpkin ParfaitHave you ever tried a pumpkin yogurt granola parfait? YUM! You only need a few ingredients such as plain low-fat yogurt, honey, a granola bar, pumpkin pie spice, and canned pumpkin. There are plenty of different recipes online on how to prepare it, just Google search it and watch how many pop up! Pick your favorite and enjoy your delicious treat. It’s not only a good, mouthwatering snack but a simple, quick recipe.

I know we all obsess over the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. They’re to die for! Well… now you can make your own at home! The recipes are actually almost as good as the ones you buy. Once again, just search for one of Google or Pinterest and go to town :).

With learning how good pumpkins are for our health, the possibilities are endless!  What are your favorites?

XOXO, Chels