I love candy. That’s a fun fact about me. My favorite kind of candy, though, is sour candy. I have a weakness for everything sour, from gummy worms and beyond. I found a way to mix my love for soNational-Gummy-Worm-Day-2014ur candy with a refreshing way to stay cool this summer. Introducing sour gummy worm popsicles!


  • Your favorite fruit juice
  • Sour gummy worms

Grab your favorite popsicle molds and get to work. Add worms to the molds and press them towards the bottom and sides of the molds. Freeze the molds ahead of time to help the worms stick better. Next, pour in your fruit juice of choice. Freeze these pops overnight, then take out and enjoy! Every bite is filled with fruity, sour goodness!

Ready to try the most fun popsicles you will taste all summer? Give this recipe a whirl!

XOXO, Chels