I feel like Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on me so fast!  Coming up with the perfect gift and day to plan out isn’t easy, but I always get it done in time to surprise my mom with a great day.  I wanted to think out of the box this year, so I came up with a few unique ways to spend Mother’s Day!

  • Buy supplies at the store and plant some flowers together!Chelsea Crockett - DIY Flower Pots  You can even buy pots to decorate with paints, stencils, and other things to customize them.  You and your mom can go to the store together and pick out which seeds you want to plant, too.  Make sure you remember to give it lots of water and sunlight!
  • Take a “staycation.”  This is when you go to a nearby big city (or the city you live in if you’re not close to a bigger one) and create a whole day filled with plans that you and your mom can do together!  This could be anything from going to eat somewhere you’ve always wanted to and exploring different spots around town.  Living near St. Louis, it’s always fun to plan a relaxing day around the city!
  • Now this idea is a little outside the box but perfect for a bigger group of people.  Something called Escape the Room is so, so fun for a group of about 10 or so people.  Grab your mom, aunt, grandma, etc. and work together to make it out in time!  They’re getting more and more popular so look for one in your city! 

What are you doing this year for Mother’s Day?  Let me know below!

XO – Chelsea