At the beginning of the year, we are sometimes tempted to go along with the phrase “new year, new me.” This year, I don’t want a new me, I want a fresh me. I want a fresh year that is open to new things and adventures. Putting the old year behind us allows us to see the bigger picture and stop dwelling on the past. Here are 5 little ways to help you get the fresh start that you may be looking for this new year.

  1. Do a little minor redecorating: Even if it is just buying a cute new area rug or a pretty piece of artwork for your wall, adjusting the look of your space can give you an opportunity to express yourself and start fresh. When you spend most of your time in a space, the way it makes you feel can really impact your motivation and mood. You can also get rid of things in your room that bring you bad memories or that don’t bring you joy, or go through your closet and get rid of clothes that you never ever wear.
  2. Delete old photos on your phone: When you look back to the beginning of the photos on your phone, you will probably find tons of pointless screen shots or photos that are doing nothing but taking up space. Delete duplicates, photos of old exes, or photos that don’t matter to you anymore. Save the ones you want to save onto your computer or an external hard drive, and then delete them off of your phone. Boom, fresh start.
  3. Delete apps you don’t use: Clear your mind and clean your phone. After you have deleted the unnecessary photos off of your phone, go through and delete the apps you don’t need. You really only use a few apps regularly. De-cluttering your phone can feel almost as good as cleaning out your closet!e76aab43ee0d2767c992fe37e9935d58a1ace97ebf7ab1f242b1d13e20b5cee9
  4. Unfriend/unfollow people on social media: I love a good social media cleanse. Start the year off by deleting the friends that you no longer talk to or that bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself. If you are feeling exhausted from the amount of time you spend on social media, then ask yourself which friends or followers are causing you grief (whether it be by comments or posts that make you feel insecure). Unfollow people who don’t lift you up. It is healthy to cleanse your life of people who no longer talk to you or see you, or people who make you feel bad.

New year, fresh start.

XOXO, Chels