Well this is it… You’re finally at the home stretch.  As a freshman in high school, I never thought I would’ve actually made it to senior year with only a couple months till the next chapter of my life.  It’s both scary and exciting, but I assure you, there are bigger and better things right around the corner!  I wanted to share with you a few things I wish I would’ve known as a senior about to leave high school for good.

  • Hang out with your family more than you normally do. Chelsea Crockett - High School If you’re planning on going away to college, soak up all the family time you can get.  Ask your mom to go shopping with you or take your little sister out to lunch!
  • Appreciate your teachers, whether you want to or not.  They got you to where you are today!  Don’t hesitate to thank them by shooting them a heartfelt email.
  • Don’t let senioritis take its toll.  Senioritis is real, lemme tell ya, but I urge you to stay on top of your grades and make your last couple of months count!
  • Go to every sports game.  Participate in every student section.  Some of my best high school memories happened while I cheered on my school’s team with all of my best friends.
  • Don’t put your life on hold because of homework and studying.  With only a couple months of high school left, keep good grades but don’t miss out on life because of school.  Go to dinner with your friends or go for a night drive in the middle of the week with your boyfriend!  Make all the memories you can! 

Make the most out of however long you have left in high school!

Love, Chelsea