Dating today is completely different from what it used to be.  We now have to take into account social media, texting, and lots of other things that can cause too many problems in today’s relationships.  Here are five dating tips that can be super helpful in today’s culture!

  • Keep your communication face to face.  If you have to talk about something important or sort something out, don’t do it over the phone!  It is so important being able to talk about the deep stuff face to face instead of texting it out.  It’ll make your relationship 10x closer.
  • Don’t think too far into social media posts.  Girls are over-thinkers as it is but overanalyzing something as simple as a tweet can drive us crazy!  Don’t dwell on something as little as a post that most likely isn’t what you think it is in the first place.
  • Be honest.  I know this is kind of vague and should already be assumed, but simply be honest and open with one another!  Honesty is the best policy and it shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Make it a point to see each other frequently.  In today’s culture, people substitute facetiming, calling, and texting for hanging out with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and that’s not okay!  Don’t let phones be the core of your relationship.
  • Be intentional.  Like I mentioned before, make it a point to talk to each other and see each other.  Go out of your way to do something nice for them occasionally, too!

I hope these tips give you some clarity on how you can lessen the effect today’s culture has on your relationship!

Love, Chelsea