Hey everyone!  We don’t want to accept it, but school is coming up faster than we think.  Staying organized is one of the biggest things we need to do to succeed throughout the year.  Whether you’re in high school or grade school, you will most likely have a locker to be responsible for keeping it clean and organized.

              Chelsea Crockett - LockerFirst off, dividing and keeping your books in a certain spot each day is a good way to quickly know which book to grab before class.  Buying locker shelves or dividers are perfect for organizing your books, binders, and notebooks.  Click here to check out Amazon’s selection of locker accessories!  To help remember which books are which, try organizing them alphabetically, by color, or in order of your classes.  This will help you easily remember which books to throw in your backpack before class.  

            Another fun tip is to keep a small whiteboard on the side of your locker.  This way you can write notes, reminders, and needed homework for the next day or for what to take home.  Every once and a while remember to take out any old and unneeded homework or papers.  A cluttered locker leads to an unorganized one!

            Hope this makes going back to school a little easier!

                                                Love, Chelsea